Nine Things I am Certain About

1. If you really love doing something, you will always be nervous the day before and the day of the event.

  • I know most Sundays I am nervous about getting ready for the next day of school. Even though I know I am prepares, I still questions myself. Am I ready to deliver? Is there enough material? Will the students get it?

2. If you think you can’t, you won’t

  • There are many versions of this saying. But it rings true. Your mind and heart exert powerful forces on your ability to succeed or not, to try something or not and to stand up for something or not

3. If you do some activity hoping to receive praise from someone else, you are doing the act for the wrong reason

4. If you see a vehicle with a vanity license plate with the person’s initials, it will be an older person driving the car at a much slower rate than the rest of the traffic wants to go

5. Silence from a spouse, partner, friend or someone you are interviewing for a job with is not a good thing

  • You know you are in trouble when all you get is silence on the other end of a “conversation”.  Sometimes it is not anything you have done or did not do.  Sometimes it is the other party just avoiding you or they are preoccupied with something else.  But the majority of the time, you probably know why you are getting the silent treatment.  Luckily for me, Rose is not one to be silent!

5. A positive attitude will make every challenge easier, every obstacle smaller and every day a lot more fun

6. (In honor of my friend Tim Butler) If you cannot figure out the motivation for some person or organization’s acts, either sex or money is probably the answer.

7. If a male teacher wears a tie with a lot of pink in it, many people will notice and tell you they like it.

  • Just speaking from personal experience!

8. If you give students multiple days to work on a project, they will wait until the last minute to work on it.

  • Another one from personal experience

9. Failing to take personal accountability for righting or reporting an obviously wrong situation simply by convincing yourself you “told someone else who is in charge” is never the correct answer.

  • See “Paterno, Joe” or “German people, 1937-1944”

Anyone agree or disagree with anything on this list?  Any more certainties you would like to add?


4 thoughts on “Nine Things I am Certain About

  1. Looking at number 8 (giving students multiple days to work on a project), I can say from personal experience that the more days you give, the worst some projects will be. Maybe it’s something about waiting until the last minute, but the rushing is very noticeable in their work.

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