Goals . . .or are they Resolutions?

Most people who know me would say that I am a person that likes to plan. And I usually am pretty good at setting goals. I think all of those years in financial planning and strategic planning reinforced that for me.  One thing I have learned is if you put it in writing, it is harder to ignore.   Another thing I learned is to make it measurable.  So with that in mind . . .

My goals for 2012
1. Publish 100 Blog posts. That means I need to do two a week. I believe that is doable. Since my goal is to communicate more with others, I will also find ways to get this dialogue more two-way.
2. Run at least three half marathons. I want to maintain my fitness level. I know I will do that, but setting a goal out there for a specific number of races helps me have something to shoot for.
3. Do five minutes of personal reflection a day.  The reflection time will be quiet, uninterrupted and with no distractions.  In my busy days, I ought to be able to find a couple of minutes of quality time.  This one is way harder than you think.  I’ve already missed a couple of days this year.

Efery once-in-a-while I will write on how I am doing.  Alright, is anyone else willing to put a goal in writing?


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