A great spouse

I know I am lucky.  Rose is a great spouse .  This past month she has proved it over and over again.

Last weekend she dropped everything to spend a couple of days with my mom who has been having some tough days.  My sister lives near my mom and takes care of her.  But she is a school teacher and should not miss too many days of school.  So after hearing about another tough couple days, Rose took it upon herself to offer to watch my mom a couple of days.  This relieved my sister of some burden and gave my mom someone around all day.  Rose even cancelled a couple of clients to help out.

This weekend we both went up to spend time with my mom.  Rose volunteered to drive Friday night – because she knew I was tired from school.  It was Rose’s idea to drive on Friday night  because she thought it was best that we were there when my Mom woke up Saturday morning.  We did not get in until 10:30, I slept on and off most of the way but Rose was a trooper.  She had to be tired also.  On top of that, Rose offered to make Saturday night dinner (again to take that burden off my sister).  So Rose made turkey and mashed potatoes for us, my mom, my sister’s family and my sisters in-laws.  No complaints, just willingness to do it.

Those of you that are moms know that is what moms do – come to the rescue, help out others, don’t complain.

Thanks Rose.

P.s. I know what a lot of you are thinking.  Rose has a lot of good traits.  She also has really great taste in men – because she married me.  I was not going to say it, but I knew you all were thinking that! : )


School Days (Daze?)

Yesterday was one of those days where my life as a school teacher came into clear focus.

Story #1. One of my students (a freshman) was not in school. I asked his older brother where the younger brother was. This is what he told me. “My Mom washed his shoes last night and they were not dry. So he did not come to school.” I was dumbfounded. I clarified that a male could wear sandals or flip-flops to school.  Yep, but this freshman would not do that so he just did not come to school. Later I saw this freshman at school. He confirmed the shoe cleaning story but now since his shoes were dry he could come to school. What kind of parent allows a student to miss school simply because of a pair of shoes?????? Perhaps that demonstrates why our students do not succeed as much as they are able to.  I spoke with the school secretary later. She confirmed that the mother told the same shoe story. She had never heard that reason in 40 years of being a secretary. Incredible. Use a solution of water and soap.

Earlier in the day I had just the opposite situation.  I had led my Accounting class in a study of the school cell phone policy.  The students had been complaining about the policy and I suggested we try to change it.  So we did a bunch of analysis and put together a presentation.  One sophomore student volunteered to present to the Superintendent and the Principal.  He came to class dressed in a short, tie and dress pants.  He did a great job presenting the facts and telling our recommendation.  In the end both the Principal and the Superintendent were very impressed.  The Superintendent even said she did not feel any adults could do a better job (my 30 years of experience making presentations like this came into play).  She even asked the student to come to the school board meeting in a couple weeks to present to them.  We will get the policy changed soon.  Hopefully all of my students learned from the experience.  And they will be heroes to the rest of the school.  Nice to have a win!

Just another typical day at school!

Random days off are Great!

Today we had a day off from school for no specific reason that I could discern. So I just called it a random day off. But I needed the day off.

I got a lot accomplished – although as usual with me I had more on my list than I could have possibly accomplished. I got the chance to meet up with some of the ol’ running buddies for lunch. Since we are all scattered around, this is one of the few chances we have to get together. We rarely solve any of the world’s problems but we do get to talk about running and other “important” topics. Speaking of which, I got a run and a bike ride in for the day. That always helps my brain.
It also provided me a chance to try to get a little bit ahead for school. So I spent about four hours today working on a lesson plan on Marketing and another lesson plan on Credit for a couple different classes.  I have so much more to do, but at least I know what I am going to teach for the next couple days!

It struck me that school teachers do not have as much flexibility for days off like I did in the corporate world.  I find that I need to be here when the students are in school.  So I get my days off when the school is out.  It’s not a big deal.  It is just different from the corporate world when I could basically take any day off.  Oh well, only a couple of weeks until Easter break!

Back to School

I looked on-line today and I saw that I was “Accepted” to Wright State University as a “student in good standing”. So that means I will be like Rodney Dangerfield in this “classic” comedy – going to back to school.  Hopefully I will not be as goofy as Rodney.  But I wish I could pull off the “triple lindy” like he could (you’ll have to look that one up).  According to the state of Ohio, I need to take a few classes in order to get my teaching certificate for business.  I have no idea what that means exactly, but I’ll just go along with the flow.  I am allowed to teach under the provisional license I have for the next few years but I need this certification within the next couple years.

That means I will be going to school one night a week starting next fall.  Good news for Rose – that means I will be out of her hair at least one night : ).  Actually I am excited that the next milestone is coming upon me.  I know a lot of you have juggled work, family and going to school at the same time.  Now it is my turn!  Best of all I don’t have to do anything until July.  So I can relax for a little while.


For those of us living in Ohio, the “Super Tuesday” primary election cannot come soon enough.  Our phone has been ringing off the hook with robo-calls from the candidates.  Our home phone rarely rings anymore, but occasionally it is my mom or sister calling so we answer it usually.  But the last couple weeks have reminded us why we do not generally answer the phone.

What is the purpose of these calls?  Is it to create awareness?  Is it to try to persuade us to vote for a particular candidate?  Is it to denigrate all other candidates?  I have no idea.  We NEVER listen the calls.  When we hear “Hello this is . . ” the phone is immediately hung up.  So whatever message they are trying to deliver is not getting listened to.  All they are succeeding in doing is annoying us.  I hope they do not think that I am so shallow that I would be persuaded by a phone call to make my vote for “whomever” .

I have a good idea.  Save the money and stop making the phone calls.  Better yet, put the money to better use – donate it.  Hold on a second.  Perhaps I am really missing the point.  These robo callers are really a form of employment.  Some “consultant” MUST have told the candidate to do these calls.  So those calls are helping employ somebody.  How is that for putting a positive spin on a real bother!


Anyone else getting tired of those calls?