At what point in time is it appropriate to let go of something that has been an obsession for a long time? I was pondering that question the other day. What prompted me to think about obsession was when I ran near the University of Dayton. There is a lady who has been protesting for many, many years some sort of discrimination that the University of Dayton committed against her .   This lady stands on the corner of Stewart and Brown (a busy corner). She sings songs – really loud – and holds up a sign. Generally she is there on Friday afternoons. She appears to be a little crazy at times.

Now I am not judging whether she has a valid case or not. I do not even know the facts.  And I am not condemning her right to protest. But at some point in time I feel like it is best to “turn the page” and move on to something else.  She has become a caricature – not a symbol.  I don’t believe her actions lead to anything happening – UD is not changing, people’s perception of the college are not changing, policy is not changing.

I am sure we have all been wronged at some points in our life.  And I am sure we all would like to “get back” at someone or some entity.  We can even wish ill will on that other party (can anyone say “NCR”?).  We can even harbor a grudge for as long as we want.  But for me, I am going to move on.  I prefer to channel my energy towards something else.  What do you think?


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