More Death of Innocence

How do we put into words the dread, the revulsion we all feel over the senseless murders in Newtown, Connecticut?  It is unfathomable to think that such an event could occur.

Does this happen more in the USA than in other countries?  I honestly do not know.  With today’s 24-hour, “always looking for the sensational story” news situation, it seems to me we would hear about it similar situations like this in other parts of the world.  I can’t remember any cases other than the one in Norway a couple of years back.  But right now, that is not important.

The painful truth is that if some person wishes to do it, there is really little to stop it.  Preparation can minimize it, but in the end, we could not stop a determined person.  Inevitably, an event such as this gets people to want to debate about all kinds of things.  Unfortunately, people on both sides of the second amendment argument come to the fore.  That needs to wait

I choose not to think about that right now.  To me, the most important thing is to think about the families who lost children or parents.  How would we all feel to lose a family member or a favorite teacher or a neighbor or a friend to a senseless tragedy?  Wouldn’t we want everyone to pray for the deceased?  Wouldn’t we want everyone to focus on the loss of life?  Wouldn’t we want the precious years of those people remembered?  There will be plenty of time to argue about the laws.  Let’s focus our efforts for a little while on the most important fact.  More than two dozen innocent lives, some of them stuck down at 5 or 6 years old, have been lost.  That is the issue that needs all of our attention.  And our prayers.


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