My Resolutions for 2013

As I said last year, it is a good thing to put resolutions in writing.  So many of us “promise” or “resolve” to do something good for ourselves in the coming year.  But thinking it, or saying it, does not have the same power as putting it in writing.  Those of us who worked out at the Fitness Center in the old NCR days could always count on a crowded locker room – for the first month of the year.  But by the time February rolled around, those people who had a resolution to exercise had given up.  Well, I hope once again to counter the prevailing way and meet my resolutions.

I am going to continue with my running and working out, so I hardly count those as resolutions.  My goal is to get in over 1000 miles of running (about 20 miles a week) for the 12th straight year.  I’ve already signed up for two half marathons, so that ought to provide some added motivation.

I will also continue my Blog in 2013.  I enjoy it.  I hope to make at least 75 new posts.  I would like to figure out a way to get my blog more notoriety and more readers.  Perhaps my next resolution will help.

My major resolution for 2013 is to get outside my “comfort zone” at least three ways.  We all are guilty of settling into a way of life and not trying new things.  Our “comfort zone” are the activities, the ways of thinking , what we do each day.  It is our “cocoon” of life.  It is what makes our life stable.  But it also is what can make our life stale.   I have been trying to stress with my students that they need to be willing to get outside their comfort zones.  That does not mean doing something illegal or dangerous (necessarily).  But it does mean stretching ourselves a little bit.

Therefore, I am going to resolve to “go outside my comfort zone” at least three different ways in 2013.  I am not sure exactly what that might mean.  And I do not know what life will throw at me to inspire it.  But I have a couple of ideas already.  My goal is to do something very concrete that is different – and share it with you all (I’ll bet you are excited about that!).


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