Dancing with Frankenstein – #2

I wrote a blog post last year about Rose and I taking dance lessons.  I alluded to the fact that dancing with me was like dancing with the Frankenstein monster – stiff, not very coordinated and slow-moving.  Well, we have continued those lessons for the year.  How are we doing?

We’ve learned a lot more.  We now have a few more dances we are able to do.  And we’ve learned at least a half-dozen moves with every dance step that we are familiar with.  We have even gone out dancing in public a dozen times or so.  We figured we might as well use our dancing “skills” in the real world!

Some days Rose is still “dancing with Frankenstein”.  I do not “feel” the beat of the music very well. In dancing, the male is the lead so he is in charge.  Unfortunately because I’m not real great with music I’ll just start us up when I think it is right.  This drives the dance instructor crazy sometimes because we won’t be with the beat.  I also get told to “relax my thighs” all of the time.  I still don’t understand what that means.  And it takes all of my (limited) brain power just to try to remember all of the steps we have learned in each dance. The end result is that sometimes Rose and I look really good and other times we mess up.

But I have come to discover another of life’s little truths.  When you are in love with someone, the dancing is always good.  We have fun dancing together.  Sometimes in my mind (if not in reality) it feels like we are flowing on the dance floor.  We probably mess up at the same time but it looks like we are dancing well.  We laugh and smile a lot.  So I guess the rhythm we have with the everyday things in life carries over onto the dance floor.  The fact that we both know fundamentally where our relationship should be translates over well to the dance floor.  And that is pretty cool.

We will never win any dance contests.  Anyone who is a good dancer won’t stop to pause and watch us dance because we are so elegant.  But that is not the reason why we dance.  It is just fun time together.  And that is more than enough satisfaction for me.


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