Rose, Bambi and I

No, we have not adopted another child.  And don’t think for a moment that Rose and I would allow a pet into the house.  But we have had an animal “join” the family – without asking.  Let me explain.

Over the last winter, I witnessed a herd of nine deer walking through our neighborhood.  It is not odd to see them around.  They wander from golf course to Hills and Dales Park.  Hard to believe they are able to live in an urban environment.  And they successfully cross Dorothy Lane and Stroop Road, both of which are busy, four-lane roads, most days.  This has been going on for years but I never saw nine of them together before this year.  Usually you see them in the early morning or near dusk.  They are pretty good at hiding during the day.

Lately, one adult deer has been hanging around our yard all throughout the day.  With me now home from school during the day, I have scared her a number of times.  Now I know why she hangs out.  The little baby in the picture has taken up residence in our yard.  The other day the neighbors accidentally scared the baby deer around 8:00 at night.  The poor thing got so scared it ran up on our front porch and sat down.  It did not leave for quite a long time.

We are not feeding the deer – other than the fact that it enjoys eating our hosta plants.  But I guess we are stuck with it for a while.  So that is who Bambi is.  And, crazy as it seems, last night I scared Bambi and her friend – another small baby deer, who were eating weeds under our trampoline.  Bambi


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