June Quotes

Being home for the summer allows me to do a lot more of what I want to do to.  Me being me ends up with some unique situations. A couple of them resulted in some quotes that I thought I would share with you.

“I am married to a crazy man” – Rose.

Rose and I took a kick boxing class together at noon one day.  It was a hard workout that we were both tired from.  At about 5:00 that day, Rose asked me what I was doing.  I told her I was going for a five-mile run outside.  She looked at me and said, “I am married to a crazy man if you are going running after that workout”. Yep, that would be me.

“You don’t relax very well do you?”-  Jackie, fitness instructor.

I have taken a number of Jackie’s classes this summer at the fitness center.  It allows me to cross-train each day and gives me a different set of exercises to do.  The last two weeks on Friday, I have taken Jackie’s Yoga class after doing a bicycle spinning class.  Now I am not very flexible and I have not done most of the yoga moves before.  So I am probably focusing so much on doing the exercises right – and even trying to figure out how to do the exercise at all – that I am not doing the true yoga “relaxed breathing”.  Near the end of the session we do a series of stretches and then relax for about 2-3 minutes.  During this relaxing time we are supposed to be laying on the ground taking deep breaths.  For me, “relaxing” means “stretching”.  So during the “relaxing” time I am figiting around, thinking about all of the things I need or want to get done, planning the rest of my day, etc.  Not exactly what I am supposed to be doing in class.  Thus, Jackie says, quite correctly, “You don’t relax very well do you?”. Nope, I don’t

“Good, that means I can relax” – Rose

The other day Rose was taking care of clients in the morning.  I was home moving stuff around and organizing things (we had just brought back a lot of furniture and knick knacks from my Mom’s house).  So I did what I could.  Once Rose got home around 11:00, I asked her to help me move something.  Then I asked her a question about something else.  Then I asked her opinion about where I put something. I think you get the gist of my level of activity.  Finally Rose says to me, “what is next?”.  I tell her that I am about to leave to go work out.  That leads to her quote (spoken with a bit of frustration) “Good, that means I can relax.”

For those of you that know me well, you can get a few things out of this. I have not changed a whole lot in the last few years.  I am still working out.   I am still a bit hyper.   I am still a pain in the neck.  Lucky Rose.


One thought on “June Quotes

  1. My quote – “You are a Gabor”. Reading this I am stunned that you mocked our mother so about never sitting still.

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