The Shoemaker’s Children

There is an old saying about the shoemaker’s children never having shoes because the shoemaker is too busy making shoes for everyone else.  I feel that applies to our military and their families.

I recently read an article about the poor status of the schools on military bases.  According to the article in Newsweek ” Military officials . . .report that as many as three-quarters of base schools the Pentagon operates are either beyond repair or would require extensive renovation to meet minimum standards for safety. About half the schools the Department of Defense operates are at least 45 years old”.  So while most public schools were renovated with money from the tobacco settlement, the military base schools languish.  This has been going on for years.  The story talked about hazardous conditions, poor science equipment and out-of-date computers.  This on top of facilities that don’t “meet the minimum standards for safety”!

According to this same report, it would take about $3.7 billion dollars to fix theses schools.  Seems like a lot of money until you realize the Pentagon spends nearly $2 billion a week!  So, for the equivalent of two weeks of spending, our country could care for the children of our fighting forces.

Why don’t we?  I suspect because there are no advocates.  There are no defense contractors spending millions lobbying our Congress.  There are no large military procurement opportunities being presented.  And large issues like Egypt, Syria, etc. gather worldwide attention .This whole Syria situation is a hard one to have an absolute position.  What is going on is terrible.  It needs to stop.  But why us?  We could invest the money on our military families – the shoemaker’s children.  I believe we OWE it to ourselves to take care of our children first – in the most important way we can – before we spend money on Syria.

Let’s take care of the shoemaker’s children.


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