About Me

Husband of Rose, Dad of Courtney, Stephen, Nathan and Luke.  I am in Career/Life Coach.  I love running, having completed 15 marathons.  My favorite sports are college basketball and the Barclay’s Premier League.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dean…this is Elizabeth Cameron (now Adams). You hired me back in the late 90s (gosh that makes it sound like a long time ago!) to work for you at TAPC. My current boss at Teradata is retiring after 40 years, and we were having a conversation about our first bosses at NCR. I was happily telling him how great my first boss was (he also remembered you as a great person), and I decided to google your name to see if I could find you on LinkedIn. I was glad to find your blog! You were a great teacher to me so I’m thrilled that you’re teaching now. My husband and I have two kids now, and I can only hope they will encounter teachers like you.

    All the best to you and your family,
    Elizabeth (aka Betsy)

  2. Dean…your touching blog about your experience with Fr. Matt’s delivery @ Bryce’s service showed a intuitive insight that will help many who suffer from premature deaths.

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